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Pastor Tim is in a battle right now and we are asking all who have come to love this man and his tireless work for Christ to lift him and Amie up in prayer.
Thank you.


Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church
~This Coming Sunday~
Afton Fair Grounds


Sun 8/28/16 6:00pm
Cowboy Church

“Ice Cream Social” at the Afton Fair Grounds. Bring your favorite ice cream and/or toppings or “go withs” – cookies, brownies, cake, etc. We don’t have the means to keep your ice cream cold so please bring it in an ice chest with ice and salt.


Sat 9/3/16 6:00pm
Adam's Road

New Hope Fellowship is sponsoring Adam’s Road @ Thayne Community Center Gymnasium. Adam’s Road is made up of four individuals whom God rescued out of Mormonism and brought into a personal and saving relationship with Jesus. Come hear their stories. Free admission




Listen Sundays @2:00pm on 92.5-FM in Star Valley

Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel

Social Justice

The history of social justice, redistribution of wealth, and technocracy as the science behind social engineering. When one group wants what another has, social justice becomes nothing more than legalized covetousness.


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Steel on Steel


Religious Freedom Threatened in Wyoming

Family WorshipJudge's Case Raises Troubling Questions


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How (much of) it's Made

Contemporary Christian Music


Are You Being Spiritually Abused or Deceived



Judge Neely and Religious Freedom



Tired of the Debate?

Tired of the Debate?4 Principles of Music




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Steel on Steel with John Leoffler Sundays at 2:00pm


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Sunday, August 21 2016

Pastor Matt Landis

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The Banquet Table

But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.~ Revelation 2:4

Revelation 2:1-7

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The power of prayer

Stand Up For The Truth Play Today's Podcast <<
Loving God’s Eternal Word

What we believe about Jesus Christ, the Truth, affects everything we do in this life. How we view God, people, and how we understand the world – past, present, and future – depends on what we believe about absolute truth. The Word of God is perfect. From fulfilled prophecy, to eye-witness testimony to indisputable historical facts, to archeological evidence, the Bible is without error and inspired by God.


The Fear of God
Daily videos for 90 days and praying for the regeneration of sinners and revival of the Fear of God in the church


Adam's Road
Testimony & Music Sat, Sept 3, 2016 6:00pm
New Hope Fellowship @ Thayne Community Center Gymnasium
250 Vannoy Parkway, Thayne, WY


Ten years in the making - THEY GROW UP FAST
is a profound and entertaining documentary for the entire family.


I’m Not Ashamed - In theaters October 21st
True story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School


Why Do You Pick and Choose?


You will be made to care
You Will Be Made to Care — Read Chapter One - Free


33 minutes that will Rock your world!